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.... industrial automation since 1978 ....
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Who we are
PNEUTRONIC S.r.l. , arisen in 1978, is specialized in the field of automation applied especially to the dyeing textile industry and to chemistry and alimentary industry. Our production includes:
  • Integrated control systems for dyeing machines
  • Plant management and control software
  • Traditional time / temperature controllers
  • Systems for detecting and recording temperatures, pressures, humidity
  • Dosing systems for liquid products
  • Software
  • PLC programming
  • Electric control panels
  • Electrical designs
  • Pneumatic valves
  • Temperature probes
  • Level probes
  • Accessories and components for electrical, electronic and pneumatic automations

The fifty-year experience, acquired in project, realization and maintenance of countless systems all over the world, allows us to face every kind of problems and to solve them in the most advanced, efficient, safe and cheap way.
Thanks to the use of technologies that are always in step with the times, our systems are manageable and modifiable in remote assistance, drastically reducing maintenance costs and intervention times in case of need.

... optimize the project ...
The reason for our automations is to optimize the dyeing plants in terms of use and efficiency. Our philosophy is to customize the system as much as possible according to the customer's needs and way of operating.

INDUSTRY 4.0 technology
Our technology complies with the requirements of the "Industry 4.0" regulation. It allows an improvement in terms of efficiency, management, production control and flexible integration with other company systems (management, pre-existing handling or dosing systems).

INDUSTRY 4.0 - the true digital transformation
A digital, sustainable and agile future, made of progress and innovation.

Industria 4.0
Improve production management
  • Full control of processes and their progress through monitoring (even on board the machine)

  • Optimization of all production resources (machines, employees, timing)

  • Reduction of errors, dead times and operator interventions

  • Traceability of the material

  • Improvement of customer service in terms of speed, punctuality, quality and completeness in deliveries

Automazione Industriale
Via delle Fabbriche Nuove, 41 - 13856 - Vigliano Biellese (BI) - ITALY
P.IVA e C.F.: 01928820024         Iscrizione R.E.A.: BI-173644                                                                                                          
Tel. ++39 3928434711             Tel. ++39 3356256120                                                           
PEC.:  amministrazione@pec.pneutronic.it       Mail: pneutronic@pneutronic.it
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