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DYEMASTER 3001 highly innovating system, permits the control and the direction of the different production machines using only one Personal Computer. The integration of DYEMASTER 3001 with other management systems, with automatic systems of loading-unloading and measurement of liquid/powder products, permits to realise highly reliable vanguard dyeing plants.
The first plants that adopted this technology were activated at the beginning of 1995. Through a configurable and expansible software, one single personal computer - a highly reliable, precise, powerful, versatile and economic tool - permits to run from 1 to 32 machines. The use of traditional controllers is no longer required.
... remote management of the entire system ...
The integration with the process, precision, rationality, expandability, ease of use and speed are the strengths of the system that allow the achievement of a fundamental objective: to manage complexity with tools within the reach of operators, not specialized.

DYEMASTER 3001 allows you to provide technical assistance and to expand the system (example by adding new machines) at any time using remote assistance: on-site intervention by PNEUTRONIC personnel is not necessary.

Electrical panels
We design and manufacture on-board electrical panels for industrial automation (standard or customized stainless steel carpentry, metal carpentry, polyester, etc ...), taking advantage of the expertise acquired in 50 years of work that merges with the use of current technologies.

Dosing systems
GEST PROD. Automatic dosing system for liquid products. The various products are contained in different tanks and are sent to different uses by means of a single pipe. The quantities to be dosed and the devices to which the products are sent can be set manually or acquired from automatic receiving systems.
The mailings can be activated manually, semi-automatically or automatically (interfacing with the DYEMASTER 3001 system). GESTPROD manages, for each product, a customizable card which is automatically updated according to the dosed quantities (activating alarms in case of quantity of products under stock). A historical archive stores the data referring to each dosage performed. A "touch screen" panel allows you to interact with the automatic system and provide further information during dosages.

PN32 - Data recorder
PN32  Data recorder is a software that, by means of a personal computer and appropriate interfaces, allows you to detect, process and store temperatures, pressures or flow rates detected on different channels (modules of 4). The computer constantly detects the data provided by the installed instrumentation for subsequent processing and any adjustments. The interval for the detection - storage of data can be set by the user. The data collected will provide for each of the controlled channels (in numerical and graphical form):
  • Average of the values ​​measured every hour, day, week, month and year.
  • Maximum peak of the value reached in the period considered for each channel.
Any alarms that have been activated are also recorded and precisely:
  • Alarm description, detection date and detection time.

Data recorder
PN25 Time / temperature controller
PN25 is equipment for the automation of machines and systems in the textile sector. The instrument is equipped with an operator interface designed to offer maximum ease of use and understanding of the commands.

Possibility of storing at least 25 programs (on eeprom, data self-retention) of 40 steps each.

Sewing search
The seam detection and idle roller rotation control device in the piece dyeing tanks allows to detect the seam in the piece loaded in the tank and control the rotation speed of the idle roller. The speed and control time can be set by means of a 'touch-screen' panel. If the fabric feed speed does not respect the programmed value, an alarm is generated. The same device also works as a seam detector. Each module controls two or four channels.

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